We are halfway through January but there’s still time to explore this year’s anticipated trends. Fred has a hand on the pulse of the top upgrades and we’re going to help ignite your creativity and style. We have created the shortlist for trending upgrades in 2015!

Indulge in Color

Have you painted that room or wall that has needed TLC for months? Before you grab the old paint can from your shed, check out the home color trend for 2015. Go bold with a rich color on an accent wall or stay neutral with cool greys or true blues. Refreshing your color does wonders for your spirit and your space!

Multi-Purpose Storage

And speaking of space – Do you feel like you are running out of it? The quick and streamlined version of knocking down walls is to create or purchase storage. There are several great deals on furniture that converts into storage options. Multi-purpose furniture is all the rage this year because it saves money and space. If you want a unique twist on a modern update, speak with a Fred consultant for built-in shelving options.

Kitchen Upgrade Trends

A new kitchen never goes out of style but there are some upgrades that coordinate with specific seasons. Countertops and tile work are evergreen tasks because they take minimal heavy lifting and time. They also give your kitchen the shiny new facelift it needs in a cinch.

Add a Closed-in Porch

You may want to wait until the leaves are green to begin this upgrade but this time next year you will be able to enjoy your winter wonderland with a front row seat. Screen porches are all the rage because of their amazing benefits. They increase sun exposure and property value so they are worth the energy.

We hope you enjoyed this trend list and if you want to begin early, don’t forget to schedule Fred!