What We Do

FRED team members have extensive experience in electrical services and maintenance. The electricians we partner with are highly trained, with the knowledge and experience to perform installations, maintenance, and cosmetic repair on electrical systems. If you have electrical issues in your home, schedule FRED today and put your home’s power in reliable hands.

Our Process

The timing of each service will depend on the task we are hired for. A simple repair does not generally require a large amount of preparation, and can oftentimes be completed in as little as a single visit to your home. Installations or extensive maintenance will need more time and planning to complete, and may require several home visits. When our experts arrive we may need to turn off the electricity in your home so that we can perform the job safely, so make sure that you plan accordingly. In addition, we will only come during scheduled hours, as to not inconvenience you or any other residents in your home.

What to Expect

FRED’s craftsmen have a great deal of experience working on electrical systems in residential areas and understand what it means to deliver professional home improvement services. We strive to make the process as seamless as possible, working with you to ensure that the job is completed efficiently and without trouble. When we arrive for your appointment, we make every effort to have all necessary equipment and materials; and, if a new part is required for any repair, we will place the order for you with your approval. You can also expect that any setup will be cleaned and taken care of by our crew upon completion.

Why Schedule FRED

For more than 50 years, FRED has provided electrical maintenance to homes in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Our craftsmen are fully trained and equipped to handle any electrical situation in a timely manner.

We provide a minimum 2-year warranty for any Time & Material (T&M) electrical projects, and a 5-year warranty on Contracted work. Don’t wait to start on your next project, schedule FRED today!