Whether your existing flooring is dated, worn or you’re just ready for a new look, there are many types of flooring you can choose when considering hiring a contractor for your space.

Popular Flooring Options

Wood Floors

Wood floors continue to be a popular choice throughout the home. They add charm, value, and warmth to any room. They are a great way to create a seamless look from a kitchen to a great room. Wood floors can be finished with oil and wax to give a weathered, antiqued look, but this finish will require regular waxing. Another option is wood flooring that is factory-pretreated with a tough sealer like polyurethane. An advantage to a sealed wood floor is that it doesn’t need to be waxed and can be kept clean with a broom and mop. Wood floors typically need to be resealed every five or six years. The better-engineered wood flooring available today can be a practical choice. As long as homeowners follow the routine maintenance recommendations of manufacturers, properly installed wood floors are durable, very easy to clean and tend to camouflage spills and tracked-in dirt. While some homeowners are still opting for basic oak and pine, maple, cherry, Brazilian cherry and hickory are very popular today.

Cork and Bamboo

One of the hottest trends in flooring today is cork and bamboo flooring which is made from treelike tropical grasses. They are durable options…no need to worry if a glass or dish is dropped. They are also extremely comfortable for standing or walking and create a very unique look. Best of all, cork and bamboo are environmentally friendly.


Concrete floors offer a number of advantages. They are slow to heat up, so help keep kitchens at a comfortable temperature. They are an especially good fit for under floor radiant heating systems. Spills are easy to wipe up, and concrete floors don’t attract allergens like more porous flooring surfaces. The look of a concrete kitchen floor can be customized with an acid-staining process. Because the stain literally changes the color of the concrete rather than just painting the surface, the finish will never fade or chip.

A FRED consultant can help sift through the different types of flooring options available and help determine the best direction for you.

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