Whether crown, chair or baseboard, trim can take a room from dull and boring to exciting and elegant. Regardless of your preference… traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, there are a variety of trim options available to achieve the perfect look for any room. This is a relatively low cost project and can make a big impact on your home. Meticulous attention to detail is needed with this type of home improvement project, so having an experienced interior trim-work carpentry professional will give you the best result.

Trim Material Options

Hardwoods tend to be the most popular material for interior trim use. They are the most durable especially in high traffic areas when used for baseboards. Red oak and poplar are two widely used interior trim hardwoods. Red oak tends to reveal natural patterns in the wood, while poplar creates a more rugged and earthly look. Mahogany is an extremely hard wood with rich colors and patterns throughout. It is an exotic tropical wood and is a somewhat expensive option for trim. However, it is one of the best hardwoods for those heavy traffic areas. Cherry is another hardwood and absorbs stain well. At first it holds a soft pink tint that becomes a darker red with age. Cherry also has a distinctive swirl pattern.