The Benefits of Non-Traditional Spaces in Your Home

Building out some non-traditional spaces in your home can add both value to your home while adding value to your life as well.  Added storage and living space makes the home more comfortable and versatile for day to day life.  Added storage space will make the house more attractive in the event that you decide on selling.  It may help to sell faster and you …

ASK FRED: How Do I Install Wood Floor Below Grade?

Ask FRED: How Do I Install Wood Floor Below Grade?
Installing a wood floor below grade can be done with the right preparation. First you must tape a one by one square foot piece of 6mm plastic to the concrete slab in a few locations and wait one week to see if water appears inside the plastic. This will let you know if moisture is …

Ask FRED: How Do I Prepare My Home for Fall?

Chuck Khiel

It’s hard to believe, but fall is right around the corner and the weather will be changing here before long. With that change, your home needs to be ready. Below is a quick reference guide for some of the things that may need to be attended to before the weather turns:

 Change or clean your HVAC filter(s)

Clean filters help take house …