What Can Fred Do?

At Fred, we are making home improvement simple. One call and an expert Remodeling Consultant will visit with you and determine what needs to be done to solve your home improvement or maintenance needs. Once we have determined exactly what is to be done, we will then schedule an expert Fred Craftsman to do the work. What kind of projects can Fred help with? Lots.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

We are experiencing a public health event that is unprecedented. Many businesses have been shut down, schools have been closed, and people have been encouraged to stay in their homes. That’s a lot of people and time in the house. But, sometimes houses break and need to be fixed. Or maybe there is an exterior project you were hoping to complete this spring. So much …

We’re All In This Together

There is no higher priority than the health and safety of our team and our clients. We continue our diligence to this commitment.
We are remodelers, not first responders or healthcare providers.  But we are not without resources. We have a team of talented Craftsmen, Project Managers, and Designers who are expert at bringing care, empathy, creativity, concern and craftsmanship to a project. This crisis has put …