What Can Fred Do?

At Fred, we are making home improvement simple. One call and an expert Remodeling Consultant will visit with you and determine what needs to be done to solve your home improvement or maintenance needs. Once we have determined exactly what is to be done, we will then schedule an expert Fred Craftsman to do the work. What kind of projects can Fred help with? Lots.

The Production Phase

The big day is here. We are ready to start the work! Excited? We are. Improving homes is our passion and we get to do it everyday.
As is true in lots of other projects, successful outcomes are a result of careful planning. Before we get to starting the work, let’s review the preparation that occurs before your project begins. It all starts after you sign …

Our Process

At Fred, we’re trying to make home improvement projects simple. Professional advice and guidance from a Remodeling Consultant and a team of Craftsmen that are not only extremely talented, but are also a group of people that are a delight to have in your home. So, how does it all work?
The process starts when you contact us. You can do that on our website …