At Fred, we’re trying to make home improvement projects simple. Professional advice and guidance from a Remodeling Consultant and a team of Craftsmen that are not only extremely talented, but are also a group of people that are a delight to have in your home. So, how does it all work?

The process starts when you contact us. You can do that on our website or by calling us directly. Yes, you will talk with a human if you call.

MD 301.560.3733

VA 703.536.3733

DC 202.582.3733

Whether you reach out to us via phone or the web, we need you to answer a few questions- where you live, how to contact you, and what type of project you are considering. If we are talking with you on the phone, we will schedule an appointment with one of our Fred Remodeling Consultants. If you have submitted a web form, you will get a call from a representative in our Client Services group to schedule an appointment. The appointment is scheduled for a specific time, not a “window.” You will be sent a confirmation email outlining the appointment date and time as well as a link to information about our team where you can read more about the specific Consultant that will be visiting with you.

Before we get to the actual visit, let me introduce you to the team of Remodeling Consultants. Our Consultants average 10 years of residential remodeling experience (some with LOTS more) and several hold credentials including:

UDCP- Universal Design Certified Professional

CLC- Certified Lead Carpenter

CKBR- Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler

Lead Certified Remodeler (complies with the EPA regulations for lead safe work practices in residences where lead based paint may be present)

If you would like to know more about the team, visit our website.

On the day of the appointment, your Remodeling Consultant will arrive on time and prepared to answer any questions you might have about the project or Fred. You should count on the appointment taking about 60 minutes. The agenda for the typical visit goes something like this:

  • A review/ analysis of the issue you want addressed. This analysis could also involve touring the home to get a better understanding of structure, mechanical systems, adjacent space, or other factors that could impact the solution.
  • Answer any questions you have about Fred and how we work.
  • Discuss budgeting- not a price, but a range. We’ll get to a price soon if you are interested in proceeding with the work.
  • Outline scheduling- how long to get an exact price, when work can begin and how long it will take to complete.

If you are interested in doing the project, your Consultant will jot down some notes and take a few photos in order to prepare a fixed cost price for the work.

Back at the office, your Remodeling Consultant will spend some time gathering material costs and talking with trade specialists in order to develop an exact cost for the project. This will take 1- 5 days depending on the scope of work to be performed. Once these efforts have been completed and a final price determined, your Consultant will contact you with this information. This can be done either over the phone or by email. If you decide to move forward with the work, a contract will be developed specifying the exact work to be done, the cost of the work, a draw schedule of payments, and timing information. This can be sent electronically as a docusign agreement to make it as easy as possible. We can also send it via email, put it in the mail, or drop it off at your home. You decide.

That is our process. Professional people using their knowledge to solve your home improvement issues. But this is just the beginning. Our next entry will describe what it’s like when the Craftsman arrives.


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