At Fred, we are making home improvement simple. One call and an expert Remodeling Consultant will visit with you and determine what needs to be done to solve your home improvement or maintenance needs. Once we have determined exactly what is to be done, we will then schedule an expert Fred Craftsman to do the work. What kind of projects can Fred help with? Lots.

Want to keep a toddler away from the steps? Fred can help with a custom gate that swings out of the way and matches your existing balustrade.

Maybe you have a bathroom that is getting a little tired. Not to worry- Fred can help.


Can Fred help with outdoor projects as well? Of course we can!

Have a stair landing structure that has seen better days? Fred can make it look brand new with a fresh veneer of flagstone and local stone.

Or maybe the trim around the front door just doesn’t look quite right. No problem- our Remodeling Consultants know just what to do and our skilled Craftsmen can build just about anything.

Perhaps you have noticed something isn’t right. Peeling paint reveals rotten wood- what should you do? Call Fred. Water infiltration can lead to significant issues. We can diagnose the problem, solve it, and put everything back together using techniques and materials to keep it from happening again.

These are just a few of the projects we do. If you have a to-do list of home improvement projects, we can get them done. If your home needs help, call Fred. You can schedule an appointment here or give us a call.