We are experiencing a public health event that is unprecedented. Many businesses have been shut down, schools have been closed, and people have been encouraged to stay in their homes. That’s a lot of people and time in the house. But, sometimes houses break and need to be fixed. Or maybe there is an exterior project you were hoping to complete this spring. So much for that… Well, not really. At Fred, fixing houses is what we do. Even in challenging times we are here to help. How? The same as always, with extraordinary respect for you and your home. We’ve just adjusted what that means in today’s environment.

Here’s an example provided by Mark Fessenden, one of our expert Remodeling Consultants. There is a procedure he follows when visiting a potential client that requires his assistance. Let’s walk through it.

It all starts before the visit. All Remodeling Consultants are provided with packages of protective equipment to keep them and the people they visit safe.

As your Remodeling Consultant approaches the house, they go through a procedure to get ready.



– place the drop cloth at the front door

– tie a plastic bag to the railing or something nearby



– put shoe covers/ booties on and step on the drop cloth with shoes covered

– ring the doorbell using the back of your hand



– while standing on the drop cloth put on mask and gloves



– tour the house/ discuss project with homeowner



– leave the home, remove the mask, shoe covers and gloves

– place used equipment in the plastic bag and tie shut



– place plastic bag in larger bag for daily disposal



– apply hand sanitizer and be on your way


Extraordinary measures? Maybe, but this is about people’s health and wellness. We will not take any chances. That’s a promise.