Hi, everyone! Winter is here. Your heating systems are running on overtime. Common questions we get this time of year are: Why is my skin so dry? Why am I experiencing more allergy and sinus issues? Why do I wake up with a sore throat? Humidity, or lack of it, is the culprit!! Heating systems typically zap the moisture out of the air, creating a very dry and uncomfortable situation. This will absolutely affect the living conditions inside your home. If you are concerned about the humidity levels or simply want to check on the level, get a hygrometer. It is an easy to use device that will quickly tell you what the humidity level currently is. The outside air temperature really dictates what the indoor humidity level should be. In the winter, with outdoor temperatures between 20 degrees and 50 degrees, the indoor humidity should be right around 40 percent. This will create a comfortable environment and prevent the symptoms that dry air creates. If your central heating system does have a humidifier, turn it on and set it at 40-45 percent. It will not take long to feel the effect. If your system does not have a humidifier, simply placing a portable humidifier in a central location will achieve the same effect. The human body requires a certain amount of moisture in the air for it to feel comfortable. Keep this level in check and have a safe and happy winter!