How To Increase The Storage In Your Home

Mark Fessenden

You survived Thanksgiving, but now the holidays are right around the corner. While entertaining your guests, was everything easy to get to and well organized? If not, think about different solutions to make your space work, without having to go through a full kitchen, guest bathroom, or linen closet remodel. It’s important to think about what will make your space easier to work with… will pull out …

Update Your Kitchen with Refinishing

Love your kitchen but feel like it needs a refresh? Consider refinishing your kitchen.
There are a few different options when it comes to refinishing your kitchen:
One option is to have the cabinets cleaned and resealed to avoid both wear and tear and water damage. Another is to have the doors, drawer fronts and cabinet boxes refinished with either a stain grade or paint grade look. …

FRED Tackles Universal Design: Discreet Details

Universal Design

Universal design benefits people of all ages, preventing injuries for both the young and old. The misconception that universal design is only for the elderly, turning your home into an all-around day care center, is fading, as more people realize its stylish opportunities and discreet capabilities. Modernize your home with universal design, and the only thing that visitors will notice is just how beautiful your …