Universal design benefits people of all ages, preventing injuries for both the young and old. The misconception that universal design is only for the elderly, turning your home into an all-around day care center, is fading, as more people realize its stylish opportunities and discreet capabilities. Modernize your home with universal design, and the only thing that visitors will notice is just how beautiful your new home is.

Alternative to Stairs

Stairs provide a great form of exercise, but not accessibility. Get rid of your home’s limitations by replacing stairs with a ramp. You can blend it in with your home’s environment to make it look like a natural asset. Additionally, you can make the ramp less noticeable by stretching out its length if you have the room. A smaller, more gradual incline is less likely to draw the eye.

Increase the Space

Creating a more open environment is essential for universal design. Work with the contractor to open up your floor, removing barriers and relocating furniture around the home. You should also consider widening your door frames, which will not only allow wheelchair accessibility, but will also make general navigation easier.

Height Adjustments

We spend a lot of time reaching or bending throughout the day, putting unnecessary strain on areas like the lower back. Making height adjustments to things such as your counters, cabinets, drawers, and electrical outlets can make a huge difference in the long run. Everything adds up eventually, and this is one change that you will very much appreciate as time goes on.

Improve the Shower


Bathrooms are the most dangerous area in the house for people of any age. The combination of tile and water makes it a hazard for falling and self-injury. Small additions such as a handle, built-in seat, or hand-held shower head can improve the overall safety of a bathroom without drawing attention. Making the bathroom safer for you and your guests is something everyone can appreciate.

Think with Appliances

Appliances can interfere with universal design, as some are less accessible than others. Consider replacing any appliances that get in the way, particularly in the kitchen. There are great options for refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and more if you take the time to look around. Don’t let your appliance undermine your home’s design; otherwise, what’s the point?

Universal design is an investment worth taking, offering noticeable benefits with no unnatural additions. With universal design your home will look even better; and if you are looking for professional help to get you started, you can always schedule FRED, the first name in home repairs.