It’s hard to believe, but fall is right around the corner and the weather will be changing here before long. With that change, your home needs to be ready. Below is a quick reference guide for some of the things that may need to be attended to before the weather turns:

  1.  Change or clean your HVAC filter(s)
  • Clean filters help take house dust and other particulates out of the air.
  1.  Service your Central Humidifier/Dehumidifier and make sure the setting is correct
  • Remember that AC takes moisture out of the air, while your heat setting will introduce humidity into the air.
  1.  Check/repair all windows and screens
  • For folks that open windows in the Fall, it is important that windows work properly and that screens fit properly and are not torn.
  1.  Clean your gutters AND downspouts
  • This will help prevent ice dams when the snow comes and will help ensure that the Fall rains will be directed away from the house structure.
  1. Remember to turn off all hose bibs when the time comes
  • This will help ensure that no pipes freeze once the temps drop.
  1. Check for, and seal, any large cracks in walkways and/or driveways
  • This will help prevent water from getting in and freezing causing more damage.
  1. Inspect the ground around your foundation
  • The grade should run away from the foundation so that ground water does not accumulate and cause leaks or damage.
  1. If a sump pump exists, it should be inspected and tested
  • The sump should always be in working order.
  1. Check/inspect all trees that are close to the house
  • Overhanging limbs can freeze and break. These should be trimmed back off the house.
  1. Check/inspect all penetrations where pipes, vents, wires etc go in or out of the house
  • These should all be properly sealed to prevent water or critters from entering.

Have a safe and happy fall!