This time of year, more than any other, we get inundated with questions about exterior painting. We get questions like: “Is it too late in the season to get the exterior of my house painted?” and “I know I shouldn’t have waited so long to call, but I need the outside of my house painted. Can you help?”.  It seems like most folks realize that paint helps protect the surfaces of their homes that require painting, however, it also seems that folks wait too long to address this problem. Most paint manufacturers specify that the surface temperature of the surface to be painted stay above 45 degrees for a 24 hour period. This assures good adhesion of the paint to the surface. If the outside temperature drops below that, the paint may not stick.

In the Washington DC Metro Area, temperatures can stay warm enough to paint all the way through December. But, it could also turn cold in a hurry. We always advise folks to address exterior painting during the months where temperatures won’t impact the product. This also goes for exterior caulk. If the surface temperature is to cold, the caulk will not bond to the surface. We will typically stop all exterior painting by mid- November or so. If you are considering having exterior painting done now, please be aware that the outside temperature determines how effective the paint will be. Paint is the outer most layer of protection on your house, please use good judgement when deciding on when to have this work done.