During winter’s harshest months when you avoid venturing outside, don’t just sit on the couch – make the most of all of your time indoors. We guarantee you will feel accomplished if you check off a small home repair project from your To Do list. We’ve compiled a list of simple, effective home upgrades to inspire you. And if you don’t feel like doing them yourself, our fred craftsmen are here to help!

Touch Up Walls

Winter is actually one of the best times to fix up your walls. Touch up the trim and any nicks in the paint to make your walls look brand new. And yes, it is possible to paint without opening any windows or doors as long as the paint is environmentally friendly and water-based, since these types have essentially no fumes.

Don’t trust yourself with a paintbrush? Consider putting up wallpaper instead. Even easier, hang wall decals like these to add a contemporary, hassle-free pop.

Brighten Up Your Home

When the sun is rising and setting during the work day, you know you will need lots of light to keep your house bright. Winter is a great time to shop for and install lighting. According to Decorator’s Wisdom, the top trends for lighting in 2015:

  1. LED lighting – a practical and affordable option that conserves energy and ensures the longevity of your lightbulbs. Plus, LED lights work well in extreme temperatures.
  2. Pendant lighting – bowl and drum pendants are especially popular. Houzz offers a large selection of modern pendant lighting fixtures.
  3. Lighting inside Doors and Cabinets – make it easier to find what you’re looking for deep in your cabinet by installing lighting inside or above. Save yourself the agony of wondering whether you turned off the light by building in an automatic on-off switch when the cabinet is closed.

When it comes to installing lights, call fred. Wiring and electrical work is best left for the professionals.

Get Organized

Now is the perfect time to go through your old clothes and stashes of odds and ends. Once you’ve donated, tossed, or decided to keep your items, figure out how you want to organize them. Need more space? Fred craftsmen can add built-in cabinets and shelving to walls to give you more room.

Start Planning Your Renovation

Make this year the year you finally commit to the renovation you’ve been toying with. Spend some time looking through photos on Houzz and Pinterest to see what you’re drawn to. Once you decide to move forward, chat with a professional to get an idea of budget and scope of work. If you’re in the DC area, we invite you to give Case Design a call to discuss your next big project.