The holidays are only a few weeks away but there is still time left to finalize last minute projects whether you are hosting guests or traveling this year. We have developed this simple list of home holiday prep ideas to help make your celebration this year better than ever.

Clean the Crevices

Before you scatter the presents and spread the Yuletide, clean the built up dust from the corners and surfaces. You will have peace of mind knowing that your guests can roam your hallways barefoot if they choose.

Reinforce Banisters

You may want to tighten the rails connected to your stairs if you are hosting this season. The increase in stairwell traffic can expose the weak links and cause the banister to wobble. Be proactive and support the beams by securing the posts, tightening the bolts, and adding brackets. Too technical? Fred can help!

Patch Holes

You don’t have to be a Fred handyman in order to patch holes in the drywall but we are here to help if necessary. This simple process can be accomplished in a few steps with 5 tools; a vacuum, putty knife, pre-mixed spackle, sponge, and paint. First, vacuum the dust and remaining paint chips from the hole. Use your handy putty knife to add spackle to the hole and scrape away the extras. Let the area dry overnight and smooth with a damp sponge. Paint the repaired hole with the original color.

Clear Marks from the Wall

Your remaining paint should clear permanent wall marks and scuffs easily. A quicker solution is using the magic sponge, which is a light chemical cleaner that digs deep to remove the hardest stains and scuff marks. Did your children mark up the walls with crayons right before the holidays? The sponge will fix it. Be sure to purchase enough for after the holidays.

Prep the Guestrooms

If you have invited friends or relatives to stay, you may want to give your extra room the bed and breakfast appeal. Change the linen and add decorative pillows to create a cozy and inviting aesthetic. Light-blocking curtains will create the perfect sleeping oasis. Make sure you leave a stack of towels and toiletries in the room and finally write a note to welcome them to your home.

All of these updates will go a long way to make your home the go-to home for the holidays. If you need any help, schedule Fred today. Enjoy!