It’s time to think of your home’s exterior as a first impression, the first image your neighbors and friends will notice before anything else. Take pride in your home by conveying hospitality and style. In order to accomplish this, houses require routine upkeep or TLC. If paint is peeling or shingles are shedding, do not fret. Fred has just what you need to update your home exterior so that you smile when you pull in the driveway.

A Front Door as a Focal Point

Eyes gravitate toward the front door of a home. Make a statement with your entryway by installing a door that is bright and bold. Select one with thoughtful details like inlays and metal hardware and paint it a striking color like royal blue or burgundy red for maximum impact. Your guests will appreciate your originality before they ring the doorbell.

A Roof Refurbished and Rejuvenated

Investing in a quality roof will improve your home’s appearance and value. A deteriorating roof can negatively impact other renovation projects like drywall installation and painting. If you wait too long, leaks can cause burdensome water damage. Consider wood or slate shingles which are more expensive but more attractive. A slate roof can protect a house for a century.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

The most obvious project to improve a home’s curb appeal is a fresh coat of paint. Be careful when selecting your shade because the wrong choice could make a big statement in the wrong way. Leave your love of fuchsia or orange for your powder room. Air on the side of caution and choose a color that is elegant but restrained. Take advantage of painting apps like this one by Sherwin-Williams. It allows you to upload a photo and see how a different paint color would look without lifting a finger!

Making improvements to the exterior of their home can be exciting and rewarding. Ask a qualified professional for their input on design, practicality and cost. Hopefully Fred’s suggestions inspire you to take in the view from the sidewalk and use your imagination to maximize your home’s potential.