You know that April showers bring May flowers, but is your front yard warm-weather ready? All you need is a little creativity and planning. We have pulled together some of the easiest and most appealing ways to make your front yard stand out.

Get Planting

Brighten up your front yard with a few new bulbs. Choose to spend more time outdoors tending to a garden. If you’re new to the gardening game, start with a small patch of flowers that you can keep your eyes on. In addition to flowers, you can begin to plant herbs, like parsley and basil that you can add to some of your favorite dishes.

Better Homes and Gardens published 10 steps for beginning a garden here.

Protect Your Porch

The winter may have taken the life out of the wood on your porch. Take time to protect your deck with special sealers, stains and paints. Not only will the materials make your deck look great, your wood will be protected from insects and rotting.

Add Lemongrass to Your Garden

Lemongrass doesn’t have any beautiful buds, but the plant has properties that will make your time out in the yard more enjoyable. Lemongrass repels mosquitoes. Plant a few of these around your porch and along your pathways to keep the pesky bugs at bay.

Add Personality

After perfectly manicuring your lawn, planting a few beautiful flowers and refinishing your deck, you will have a good looking front yard. Adding a few personal touches, including painting your front door or getting a new mailbox, will really give your yard some character.

Looking to go the extra mile this spring? Contact our Fred consultants to discuss more intensive outdoor projects. The consultants can update your siding, paint your home or repair your roof. These changes will make your home beautiful and ready to weather this spring.