Spring is here! Is your home ready? Our Fred consultants compiled a list of the most important spring cleaning and maintenance tasks to ensure that your house can weather the new season. Go through our comprehensive list below and see how many items you can complete by the end of the month!


  • Make sure your warranty has not expired
  • Look for cracks in interior and exterior panes
  • Re-caulk spaces in joints around frames
  • Replace rotting or cracked wood frames
  • Switch out storm windows and install screens


  • Seal cracks to save energy costs
  • Sand and paint doors that have chipped or peeling paint
  • Repair or replace doors that are visibly in bad shape*

*Be sure to have a professional install doors. Improper installations will let cold or hot air escape


  • Check for broken or missing shingles
  • Look for broken or damaged flashing around vents, chimneys and skylights
  • Get a roof inspection by a professional to ensure it can withstand the elements
  • Inspect for mold or water damage


  • Hard-wash siding for a refreshed appearance
  • Observe walls for paint that peels or flakes
  • Check mortar around brick for cracks
  • Look for signs of rotting wood
  • Seal exterior walls with pest protection
  • Replace or repair existing siding


  • Steam clean carpets or seal wood flooring
  • Check ceiling for signs of leaks
  • Look for exposed splices in electrical wiring
  • Make sure all electrical sockets have face covers
  • Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Test to ensure they are working properly
  • Replace cracked tiles in kitchen or bathrooms


  • Inspect tub, sink, and shower for proper draining
  • Check for low water pressure
  • Look for leaks or rust in pipes

Don’t have time to do all of this? Relax. Schedule Fred can handle it. Give one of our consultants a call today!