As spring begins, the biggest threats to the interior of your home are unwanted pests and insects. There are surefire ways to get rid of bugs once they arrive, but it would probably be best to prevent these uninvited guests from coming in altogether. We’ve outlined four tips and tricks to keep those pesky critters out of your home.

Spring Cleaning

If clutter is taking over your home, there is a good chance that bugs may as well. The clutter that accumulates in your home can cause dust to linger, mites to aggregate and creates hiding places for spiders and other creepy crawlies. So, don’t wait to begin that spring cleaning ritual. Clean up now and save yourself the trouble.

Fix the Cracks

In a previous post, we detail several cosmetic fixes for old homes. One of them is sealing the cracks in window sills to conserve energy. Another benefit to sealing the cracks in your corners and crevices is that sealed cracks keep bugs out of your space. There are some Do-It-Yourself methods for repairing these holes, but if you lack the time or know-how to get it done, ask your local handyman to do it for you. The tiniest cracks can let in small critters that will cause an unnecessary headache, so our advice to you is to take care of them early.

Update Your Insulation

With insulation technology getting better and better every year, a recent insulation job can hold up for decades. If you have an older home, it’s possible that you may need to have the original insulation replaced. Bugs, and other larger pests, love to hide in the isolated spaces surrounded by the insulation material. The space may also become a breeding ground for mold or termites that can cause major damage to your home.

Keep Areas Surrounding the House Dry

This should be an obvious tip, but it somehow gets overlooked. Wet or damp environments attract a variety of insects that may try to find a permanent place in your home. Make sure all external faucets are shut off completely while not in use. If they leak, find a replacement at a hardware store. Also, when watering your lawn, position the spigot to spray more than 5-10 inches away from your walkways.

These fixes will go a long way in keeping your home protected from bugs. If you have any questions on the topic, our Fred consultants can steer you in the right direction.