With the change in season comes the realization that your old house is not in the shape it used to be. The abundance of sun seems to shine light on all of its imperfections. Here are five easy fixes that will make your home feel and look like new again.

    1. Refresh Your Space With a Paint JobNever underestimate paint’s ability to bring anything to life. From dated shutters to peeling trim, adding a fresh coat of paint could add longevity to your entryway. Looking to take on a bigger project? Paint the exterior of your home.  This is the first thing people will notice about your house, and it will leave a lasting impression. If you are not the best painter, you can find additional tips on how to paint your exterior.


    1. Replace Worn HardwareFaucets, handles and knobs should add character to a space, not age it. Give your home an inexpensive and valuable update by changing the hardware around the house. Switching out small pieces like outlet covers and cabinet handles will quickly revive a space. Find matching hardware for a uniform look or mix-and-match for an eclectic feel.


    1. Patch Up CracksThere is no greater telltale sign of an aged house than unsightly cracks in the walls. Repairing the cracks and filling holes with spackle can be done in one day, and it makes a world of difference. You can also repair cracks in window sills and bathroom fixtures by re-caulking the areas.  This will prevent future leaks and also make the area look appealing.


    1. Update Wood SurfacesSometimes getting brand new flooring is the only option for damaged floors, but often there are other ways to make the same impact in a shorter amount of time for a decent price. Try staining all your wood surfaces to give them a modern finish. If you want to take your improvements up a notch, have a professional update your floors with a wax or have them replace your floors with wood that has a factory-pretreated sealer, which is both beautiful and durable.


  1. Redo the BacksplashGetting a new backsplash is like a face-lift for the kitchen. Beyond the cabinets and counter tops, the backsplash allows you to be creative and take risks with different colors and textures. This update will trim years off the style of your kitchen, and there are tons of new trends to experiment with.

After you complete your home improvements, you will be free to enjoy the great weather that is coming your way and you’ll be happy to let the light in.

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