This winter has been one of the coldest in a long time! Spring is now, thankfully, right around the corner. This is the perfect time to start thinking about getting your home ready for Spring. Here are a few tips to do just that.

When the weather allows, take a walk around the exterior. Take note of any peeling paint or missing caulking around doors or windows. Also, visually inspect your window screens and screen doors to make sure there are no tears. Look at your gutters and downspouts. Look to see that these are still tightly attached and that the downspouts are clear at the ground. If you can safely get up and look into your gutters, check for an abundance of roof shingle granules. It is common to have some granules in the gutters, but large amounts could indicate that the shingles are due to be replaced.


In addition, look at your walkways and driveways. Look for cracks or unevenness. The ground expands and contracts with the temperature. Sometimes, this stress can crack these surfaces and cause them to heave, leaving a trip hazard.

Take a good look at your wood decks as well. Take note of the condition of the railings and the deck boards. Freezing temperatures reap havoc on wood. Wood expands and contracts quite a bit throughout the year. Check for soft spots and severely splintered wood. That should be addressed.

One other area that should be looked at is the grading around your house foundation. Positive slope allows ground water to flow away from the foundation. Take note of this condition and plan accordingly as the weather warms up.

Once you have your list, it is time to find help. Utilizing a professional company is always recommended. A company like FRED, the First Name in Home Improvement, is perfect for these types of projects. The Remodeling Consultants have vast knowledge for all of these types of projects and more. The Craftsmen offer years of experience and expertise.

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