Want to know how to get your home in shape so it saves energy and money? There is plenty of time before winter to make minor adjustments around the house and Schedule Fred has a plan to help you create a more energy efficient home. Follow these steps all at once or gradually, and your house will be updated before the first snowfall of the year.

Review Your Current Energy Usage

Many people are unaware of the ways they are hemorrhaging energy. Those unsightly water and electric bills are not the only problems. Using our earth’s resources in excess contributes to a host of other issues but the solution begins with you. Audit your home’s energy efficiency using this official checklist from the Department of Energy. This list gives a walkthrough of appliances and actions that could be a source of concern.

Update Kitchen Appliances

Outdated models of home appliances have lower energy standards and higher consumption rates than newer versions. Refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves and dryers that hold the Energy Star label exceed the energy efficient minimums set by the government. When shopping, look for these labels and you will double your investment by the end of the year.

Switch out Bathroom Fixtures

There is a greater benefit to updating your bathroom besides a modern look and feel. Faucets that influence the flow of water pressure have the same effect of light dimmers. They conserve water and will literally save hundreds every year. New toilet models with water-conscious technology look great while swirling you closer to a greener home.

Clean out Cleaning Agents

The last step on this green journey takes us to the cleaning supply closet. Strong chemical detergents can be harmful to your surfaces over time and affect the environment. Besides, there are several natural products that do the same or better job at cleaning your space. You can DIY your products or find safe alternatives on the market. Chemical based products are also very pricey. All in all, it’s a win-win to go green.

Going green in the home can be a fun and rewarding experience. If you lack the time or just simply need a hand, call Schedule Fred for a free consultation and we will help you with your next energy efficient product.