The buzz of activity is returning soon with the new school year. Parents are shopping for supplies in preparation for scholastic success and teachers are designing their classrooms for a new batch of students. Schedule Fred has a few ways that you can model your home repairs after this ‘back to school’ season.

Plan for Success

Identify the areas of the house that you have put off repairing during the summer season. Do your windows need to be re-sealed? Has your roof been inspected for holes? Make a list and prioritize your next job by time commitment and resources. Does the repair require a specialist? If so, budget for the jobs that you cannot complete on your own and tackle the DIY projects. If you need a referral for a job, be sure to call Schedule Fred and our consultants will help you get the job done right.

Shop until you Drop

Shopping deals come in cycles and you don’t want to miss out on any of the savings that you could put away for larger projects. Check online for the trending sales and shop until you drop! Labor Day is a big holiday for shopping and coincidentally typically falls during the first or second week of school. Time your purchases right and reap the benefits.

Do your Homework

Everyone knows that home repairs can be extremely time-consuming but if your house is empty, you can focus on the task at hand and finish up swiftly. Begin with organization and storage. Start to move the items that you won’t be using in the coming season out of plain view. Make the most used items accessible and neat. Next, you can change the paint color on the walls for a refreshed look after your space has been cleared. You don’t have to limit your ‘home work’ to indoor projects. Prune the yard and switch out the decorative accessories for a fall feeling.

Schedule Fred wants to wish you a great start to this new school year and to your home repairs. Call us today for a free consultation!