Schedule Fred loves lighting so much that we made a post that is completely dedicated to this detail. Lighting has always had the power to adjust the mood of a scene by the level of intensity or hue. The right type of dim has the ability to make shadows and movements fluid. Whether you want a romantic or Zen feel in your backyard, the right type of lighting can help.

Lighting the Path

Backyard path lighting is a great combination of form and function. In-ground lights, can lead you into your oasis while electric sensor lights can alert you if someone is in the yard. It is essential that you ensure the safety of your guests when hosting evening event. Path lighting makes night navigation easy and enjoyable.

DIY Lights

Want to add a personal touch to your backyard? D-I-Y! The styles are endless in creating clever lighting designs. You can hang string lights or create glass lanterns and it will be breathtaking if executed properly. Solar hanging lights are the newest craze as they are less expensive in the long run by using less electricity. One last thing to note is if you hang your own lights, make sure the electrical wiring can withstand the outdoor elements like rain or snow.

Light the Fire

Are you passionate about natural light? The torched flame is a style fix that has been used for centuries (literally). From tiki torches to outdoor fire pits, set the scene by setting a blaze to your backyard. You are sure to impress by adding fire elements but make safety the number one priority if you install this feature. Backyard Blaze has several options for lighting the fire in your oasis.

Schedule Fred thinks you are ready to enjoy your oasis complete with backyard lighting. Thanks for reading the “Fred guide for a backyard oasis: Lighting.” Remember, if you need any assistance with any of the tips we have mentioned above, you can schedule Fred and our consultants will assist you with whatever you need. When you are all set up, can we come and visit?