This year there are no guarantees of an Indian summer and in that case, you will need to prepare your greenery for the cold. Whether you’re accustomed to a vegetable oasis or your green thumb rivals the greenest of the greats, you will need to prepare your garden for the change in season. No need to worry because Schedule Fred has information on when to begin winter prepping, which products to use and how to get the best look out of lawn renovations. But first, be sure to do some grounds keeping before you get to the grunt work.

Remove Debris

So of course you’re anxious to jump head first into yard work and get your hands dirty but the first step is more surface level than you would expect. The deeper we fall into autumn, more and more leaves will leap from their wood nesting places into your open lawn. Yes, these leaves are ideal for jumping but clearing them out of the way, along with other debris, will make it easier to see weeds lurking below. So pull out the rake, grab deep trash bags and filler up! These leaves are also great for making compost.

Don’t Let Weeds Win

Want to be the envy of the block with a weed-free lawn year-round? It’s nearly impossible when you look at the producing potential of these yard pests. One dandelion will generate up to 15,000 seeds in its lifetime, all of which will generate several more seeds. But knowing these numbers should help you determine a course of action. First figure out which type of weeds live in your yard and tailor you technique to that strain. The most important thing you can do to prevent weeds is to carefully nurture your grass. Don’t over or under fertilize, and use a slow nitrogen releasing brand. Also, water the lawn on an inconsistent schedule to avoid nourishing several weed strains.

Make Grass Strong for the Winter

Stronger grass will survive in harsh temperatures but you can aid in their survival by keeping your lawn moisturized every season. Make sure there is even water coverage and that the soil has the right amount of nutrients. Test the chemical levels of your soil after using fertilizer to make sure that there are not any spikes in a specific chemical. There are several products on the market that aim to protect grass against winter frost but they work in collaboration with good lawn care. BioRush is a great natural soil additive that helps with water and nutrient absorption.

Many things go dormant in the fall but they can come back to life in their fullest splendor if you take care of them while they are living. Schedule Fred wants your lawn and home to be in the best shape every season. If you need any more tips before the weather breaks, call us to schedule a consultation.