Porticos have been around for a while, starting with the Greeks several thousand years ago. While the type built for our homes may not be as grand, they still offer the same advantages, in addition to a few new ones. FRED is all about offering choice when it comes to your home, and we want you to know that there are benefits to having a portico at your entrance.

Enhanced Entryway


Your entryway is the first thing that everyone will see upon visiting your home. As the first impression, it will set the tone for any and all guests, even if they never enter your home. A portico ensures that your home has a lasting effect, giving a timeless look and sophisticated feel.

Increased Value


One of the most important aspects of determining your home’s value is its curb appeal. Your home’s curb appeal is how your neighbors and passersby view your home in comparison to the other homes in the neighborhood. It is a visual rating of your house’s entryway and yard. Adding a portico increases your home’s curb appeal, and thereby increases its value. In other words, if you decide to sell your current home, your investment in the house’s entryway could potentially make you extra money.

Protection from the Elements


The most basic advantage of having a portico is the protection it offers. A portico keeps rain and snow away from your entranceway, making it easier to enter and leave when you want. It also protects you during stormy days when you are locking and unlocking your home.

A porticos most important function, however, is its ability to protect the inside of your home from the elements. Your entrance is the doorway to all the dirt and debris, and a portico is extra protection from any potential mud tracking that could take place. Overall, your entire home will remain much cleaner.

A portico offers several benefits that can be extremely valuable for a home owner. There are many different ways to approach constructing a portico; so, if you are considering adding one to your house, make sure that you do some research first so that you get exactly what you want. If you have any questions or are looking for a contractor to help you work it all out, you can always schedule FRED, the first name in home improvement.