At this point in time, everyone in and out of the remodeling industry should be very aware of the dangers of lead paint. Information on the ill effects of lead dust and paint chips containing lead is everywhere. Remodelers across the country are required to be Lead Certified as a precaution to keep everyone safe. Attempting to work on a house built prior to 1978 and not abide by the current EPA Lead Paint Ordinance just does not make any sense.
Medical research has proven that the inhalation of lead through contaminated dust or ingestion of lead through paint chips will cause irreversible brain damage in children. Reduced IQ, learning disabilities, and behavior problems are telltale signs of the negative effect of lead on children. These negative effects on the developing nervous system in children do not heal. For adults, lead poisoning has been linked to high blood pressure and hypertension. It should be a common practice of all remodelers to conform to the guidelines set forth by the EPA if work is being done on a home built prior to 1978.

As dust is the main culprit by which lead enters the body, if is crucial that a job site be set up with containment in mind. Sealed dust walls with EPA-rated dust doors, floor protection, and HEPA vacuums are required on all Lead job sites. Another item that is equally important as the containment is the protection to workers on the job site. Protective suits, respirators, gloves, eye protection, and good work boots should be common practice on all Lead job sites. All debris should be bagged behind the dust walls and taped shut before being removed from the job site. All lead job sites should be vacuumed with a HEPA vac and then cleaned with a Swifter. There can be no threat of lead-contaminated dust left upon completion of the project.

The EPA has created the Federal Mandate requiring all licensed contractors and remodelers to be certified for lead paint work. Any house, or structure, built prior to 1978 could contain lead paint. For the safety of the homeowners, their children, the workers on the job site and everyone, these rules need to be followed each and every time work is being done on a home, or structure, built prior to 1978. No exceptions!

If your home was built prior to 1978 and you are considering a remodel, be sure that your contractors are lead paint certified. Schedule Fred today to find out more!