In professional baseball, the deception by a pitcher, whether he be a starting, set up or closing pitcher, is extremely important.  The pitcher’s ability to throw different pitches to the batter and deliver them as if they are the same pitch once leaving his hand is extremely important. Now anyone that knows me knows I am a longtime Nationals (Senators) baseball fan and because of that I am attempting to draw this analogy.


In the home improvement industry, deception is the last thing on our mind, whether we are meeting with a client for the first time or for the fortieth.  Here at FRED, our Remodeling Consultants use our vast experience to provide our prospective or past clientele with a professional approach. Our goal is to guide our clients to a solution that addresses their ideas, dreams and sometimes problems as we are most suited to do.

If you are a past client that has done a number of jobs with us then our meeting often goes something like this, “Hi Mr. and Mrs. Miller.  So nice to see you again. What would you like us to help you with today?” If you are a new client referred to us by a previous client, or you found us on Angie’s list or Five Star (the Green Book), we try to explain to you how we stand above the best. Here at FRED, we stand out from the competition with our 5 year warranty.  Also, all of our craftsmen are background checked and drug tested and many of them have worked for us for 15+ years (unheard of in the construction industry).  Many of our craftsmen are multi-faceted and can do jobs requiring carpentry, plumbing, electrical, ceramic tile, drywall finishing and painting.


I worked as a carpenter for many years, but when I came to FRED I was so impressed with the abilities of the craftsmen and the dedication of the management that I thought it necessary to share this with our clientele.

Deception is not the word we use in Home Improvement.  Dedication is the word.