Every remodel comes with a lot of preparation. Not only on the part of the contractor, but for the clients as well. A lot of headaches can be alleviated if both parties take the time to plan ahead and know what to expect. I’ll explain how we can work together to make remodel preparation a streamlined and stress free process.

Personal items fill all of our homes. From shelves with our children’s trophies, to irreplaceable family heirlooms dating back generations. Before any remodeling project gets underway, I always ask my clients to remove any breakable or irreplaceable objects that may be anywhere near the area in which we are working. Although we take great care in avoiding these items, sometimes accidents do happen. If they happen, I would rather it not be with an irreplaceable object.


It is also a good idea to be sure there is free access to the areas needed. This includes driveways and the areas around the perimeter of the home that may be affected. A lot of the materials used during construction are big and sometimes bulky and heavy. It can save a lot of time and manpower if the workers are able to move these items freely.

With any remodel, there is always disruptions to your day to day schedule. Knowing what to expect is key. If there is plumbing work involved, it may require turning off the water to the entire home while that task is performed. The same goes for electrical work. There may also be times, such as when lead paint is disturbed, that access to that portion of the home is completely restricted to ensure the safety of everyone around. Being well informed allows everyone to plan their day accordingly. If you know you will be without water beginning at 9 am, it would be a good idea to have the showers and brushing of teeth out of the way before then.