During these hot summer months, insulation can make all the difference in keeping your home cool and comfortable, while also keeping energy bills low! Failing to recognize the importance of insulation can result in sultry, sticky, sleepless nights while your heat pump runs constantly just to give you just enough air conditioning to make it less miserable inside than out. We have all heard of the attic blanket and seen the pink panther commercials. It is amazing, however, how many homeowners still have neglected to do this incredibly simple upgrade to their home. Here at FRED, this is one of our essential services. You not only feel an immediate improvement in comfort, but also reap long term financial benefits with summer cooling costs and winter heating.

A way to take insulation benefits even further is to use a blown in insulation technique to improve the wall insulation in homes with inadequate or nonexistent insulation. This will also seal up that draft that you feel coming through the outlets of your home.

Give FRED a call for a consultation to see how adding insulation could help you out financially and make you more comfortable throughout the year.