With weather this cold, it is essential that your front door closes perfectly. Even the smallest flaws can let warm interior air escape. Save yourself money on your heating bill by ensuring that your front door fits flawlessly in its frame. Our Fred team has exceptional building and repair skills, and we want to make sure you can shut the door on cold weather.

Preventing Air Leaks

Freezing temperatures often cause doors to shrink, making them stick or have trouble fitting in their frames. If you are noticing a draft coming in, you may need to seal your door. Examine the caulk or weatherstripping around the door, and if you notice any gaps or damage, you should replace it. There are a couple of ways to identify air leaks. You can stand behind the door inside and shine a strong flashlight between the door and the frame, and have a friend stand outside to look for any light beams that shine through. Another simple trick is to place a dollar bill flat against the frame and close the door. If you can pull the dollar from between the frame and the door without ripping it, you may have a leak.

Look for a weatherproof seal that will protect your home in all types of weather. Choose weatherstripping to seal air leaks around movable building components like doors. Or consider the weatherboard, which directs rain and snow away from the bottom of the door. Our team has experience sealing many sizes and types of doors, and we would love to assist you with replacing yours.

Sticky Door Problems

Nothing is more frustrating than a door that sticks. If you consistently have this problem, you may need to adjust the size of the door to better fit the entryway. Try cleaning the hinges and edges of the door first, and if the problem still exists, then consider sanding the edges of the door the reshape it. Worried about how this might turn out? Don’t be – our experts know exactly what to do and can alleviate any anxiety you may have about permanently altering the size of your front door by yourself.

Squeaky Hinge Problems

Squeaky doors are a nuisance that need attention. A squeaky door can typically be fixed with a little silicone or penetrating oil applied to the hinge. Don’t forget to scrub the pin, barrel and hinge with steel wool before adding a lubricant. If the hinges are still bothering you, consider buying new ones.

Replacing the Door Frame

Maybe it’s not the door itself that is causing problems, but the frame surrounding it. Perhaps some of the wood has warped or started rotting. If your house has experienced years of wear and tear, it may be time to invest in a new door jamb. This requires a good deal of work to fit the door perfectly and ensure that the door frame is securely attached.