We sat down with Steve Magill, one of our Fred consultants, to discuss the importance of updating your home in order to keep it functioning and beautiful. Steve, who has spent much of his career building homes from the ground up, left us with these three home update tips that can save you time, money and stress:

Update Your Windows and Doors.

According to Steve, not updating their doors and windows is the biggest mistake homeowners make, and it’s costing them money. “Money is literally going out the door,” he explains. “Putting new ones in gives money back right away in fuel savings. Fred can provide a free consultation on those types of installations.”

Monitor “At Risk” Pipes. 

If your pipes freeze this winter, you could be without water for days, or even experience flooding in your home as a result of those pipes bursting.  To prevent that disaster, Steve says you should do everything to try to keep the pipes warm. “Keep ‘at risk’ pipes warm by wrapping them with electrical warming tape. You can also open cabinet doors, so the room temperature gets to the ‘at risk’ pipes under counters,” he advises.

DIY Only if You’re Comfortable.

When it comes to home repair, experience matters. With over 30 years in the business, Steve knows that it takes time to hone your craftsman skills. If the job looks a little too tough to handle, call us! It will free you from stress and ensure that the job gets done right the first time around.

Why did this expert home repair consultant choose to work for Fred? Steve explains, “No other company has the knowledge base of so many consultants, project managers, certified lead carpenters and management as a resource.  Fred is a leader in the field of home repair and maintenance.”

Are you looking to update your home this year? Take the first step and contact us to talk to Steve or any of our other qualified consultants at Fred.