Welcome to August in the DMV! Are you feeling like you can’t escape the heat? Here’s how to make sure you can beat the heat and stay comfortable in your home.

  1. The heat can be extremely tough on your air conditioner, meaning that your unit needs your help to run efficiently. It is very important, especially during the summer months, to make sure your filters are clean. During the summer, you may need to change them more frequently due to the increased number of particles in the air.
  2. During these heat waves, it is important to make sure you have enough attic insulation. If your house is more than 6 years old, your attic insulation is not up to current standards.
  3. Do you have one of those attic fans than blows air out of the attic when a pre-prescribed temperature is reached? If so – turn it off! All you are doing is sucking the coolest air in your house up into the attic, trying to cool that as well. The current standards do not recommend an attic ventilator in air conditioned homes.
  4. Last, but certainly not least, stay hydrated with plenty of water.