When Metro decided to upgrade their tracks in various phases, there were major disruptions in the Metro DC area. They did not take care of system maintenance in a timely, scheduled manner. Ultimately, this led to a decision to do all of the upgrades in a very short time period due to the dangers the lack of upkeep caused.

As homeowners, we need to walk our home, make a list of needed maintenance items and take care of them on a scheduled basis. If you ever need help formulating that list, we at FRED can come out on a complimentary basis and provide a quick inspection of the important components of your home to see how they are holding up. Many homeowners get so busy that they often don’t have a chance to look around. When I come out to have a look around their home, I typically will find a lot of preventable damage; usually caused by water infiltration. Examples include, leaks from roofs and metal flashing done improperly, wood trim falling off, masonry not detailed properly, soil sloping to the house instead of away from the house, plumbing not done properly and the list goes on and on. After we take a look around, we often realize that many homeowners have a home where the previous homeowner tried to do the work or hired an amateur that did not know best building practices.


At FRED, we are a professional company that can help with these projects and use best building practices to prevent further damage to your home. This allows you to save money before the damage gets too costly. Having a safe, healthy home with tasks taken care of on a regular basis, makes for a contented homeowner.

Feel free to call us for a free consultation. Take a couple of hours out of your day to review your home with us and we will be glad to help you.

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