We’ve all heard numerous horror stories about mishaps around the house. With the romantic holiday approaching, these events somehow become more frequent. If you really want to enjoy your evening, follow Fred’s Valentine’s Day fire safety tips and let your love for your home burn on.

A cozy fire or candlelight dinner can set the scene for a great night. However, one false move and the flames will take new heights. Be sure to put out all fires before exiting a room and keep all linens a safe distance from combustible items.

Our craftsmen recently gave us information on a little known fire hazard. Apparently, dryer vents becoming clogged are a common reason for house fires! Skipping vent cleanings are more of a threat than many realize.

Pro tip:  Check dryer vents every 12 months at a minimum.

A fun project that will minimize risks and maximize rewards is to switch out old electrical outlets and light switches. This small change can prevent another common cause of electrical fires. Once you’ve replaced the outlets and switches, install a cover style that will match your other fixtures or switch them out seasonally.

Pro tip: Turn off power before switching sockets to prevent injury.

This safety tip should go without mentioning, but we have no problem listing it as a reminder. Replace old fire detectors and consistently change batteries. You can have peace of mind knowing that if problems do arise, you will be properly alerted.

Now go enjoy whatever plans you made for the weekend and keep Fred’s safety tips in mind.

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