Many equate owning a home with the stress of hefty repair costs. While house maintenance and upkeep can seem a heavy burden, it doesn’t have to be. Planning for the unexpected will save you money and headaches. The reality is that no matter how well you take care of your home, daily wear and tear inevitably leads to some problems that need fixing. Yet, there are ways to repair your home that leave your house healthy and your pockets wealthy. Don’t know how? Well, Ask FRED!

Save Up for Repair Costs

When purchasing a home, you should view projected repair costs as part of the total price. The best way to achieve this is to calculate an additional 1-3% of the mortgage and start to save that amount each year to have a buffer for routine maintenance or unexpected projects.

Stick with One Company

If you can find a home improvement company that specializes in several areas, you might be able to reduce the cost of additional projects. Different organizations often pad their pricing to include consultative services. If you are a repeat customer, you can skip those fees altogether. Another benefit of staying with one company is that you can depend on the quality of service.

Learn to DIY

The Do-It-Yourself phenomenon has caught on and won’t let go. This is good news for the frugal and adventurous. You can find a video tutorial about anything nowadays. Take advantage of this and pick an adventurous and useful project to master. There are also apps available to assist with home repairs, ranging from paint color samples to a digital toolbox. DIY just got easier!

Prioritize Projects

There’s that old saying, “you can’t do it all at once.” Trying to tackle each problem before you make a plan can cripple your home improvements before they begin. Take time to figure out which repairs are urgent matters. Home issues that could cause injury or illness should reserve first priority! Next, tackle function over form. If there is a squeaky door or outdated appliance that needs to be replaced, check your budget before you proceed.

The most important thing to remember is that having the repairs done the right way will affect the overall value of your home so be smart about your planning. If you run into any issues in the process, don’t hesitate to call the Schedule Fred consultants and they will walk you through it.