Important items to remember with regard to fall home preparation:

  1. Clean gutters and downspouts
  2. Check/service furnace
  3. Change HVAC filters
  4. Switch out your storm door screen panel with glass panel
  5. Check/inspect all screens (window/door/gable vent). Replace if torn.

As Fall approaches, it is a great time to evaluate the existing conditions of your home before Winter sets in. Visually inspect doors, windows, chimneys, flashing, walkways, steps, siding, vent covers, and screens. Water intrusion from failed caulk or failed flashing sealants is much easier to correct now rather than in freezing temperatures. Also, as the weather gets colder, critters like squirrels and raccoons will look for warm places to nest. A torn screen on a gable vent provides an opportunity for these types of animals to access your home and once in, they are costly to remove. It is also important to make sure your windows and doors are sealed properly in order to help keep energy costs down. Addressing these types of things now can help take the worry out of high energy bills in the colder months.