Your shower’s water pressure could be affected by a variety of things. Its location in your house could be affecting your shower’s water pressure as bathrooms on the second or even third floor often have lower water pressure. Water pressure is also affected by chemicals that are used to make your water soft as these chemicals serve to lower it. No matter the cause, low water pressure could cause you to take longer showers, which could raise your water bill. There are several ways to improve water pressure strength in your shower.

  1.  Clean your old shower head. Getting rid of the crud and dirt that can build up inside your shower head could help improve your shower’s water pressure. Soak the head in a vinegar solution to break down any dirt deposits that have built up over time.
  2. Buy a new shower head that is specifically designed for increasing your shower’s water pressure. Most home improvement stores sell an assortment of shower heads that will help your home’s water pressure.