Decorating your apartment or house is an essential part in creating a home. You want to surround yourself with things that you love, whether it’s your family, friends, memories or prized possessions. One of the best ways to do this is by hanging pictures, which can be a tad more frustrating than it seems.

With the growing popularity of gallery walls, we want to make it a little easier for you to accomplish this trend by sharing some of our favorite hacks to hang pictures perfectly every time.

Painters Tape


Place the non-sticky end of a strip of painters tape on the back of your frame over the holes, with the adhesive facing up. You can either hold the tape with your fingers from the side of the frame or tape the sides to keep the strip attached and straight. Poke holes in the tape where the holes for the frame are, and then move the frame to the position you want it on the wall. Press the frame with the tape against the wall like you are hanging it, but make sure that when you remove the frame, the tape stays on the wall. You now have the perfect marker for where to place your nails.

Homemade Hole Puncher


This method works really well if your picture is hanging from only one point on the frame, and it doesn’t require a level. To make the tool, put a nail or screw at the end of a piece of wood (like a clothespin). Next, hang your frame from the flat end of the nail sticking out of the wood. While holding the wood with the frame hanging from it, move the tool and frame against the wall like you are hanging the picture. Lightly press the front of the frame on the opposite side of where it is hanging from the nail. The pointed end of the nail will be pressed into the wall, marking the spot and position of where the hook you will hang your picture from should go.



This is one of the most unorthodox methods for hanging a picture, but it definitely works. Apply some toothpaste over the top of the holes on the back of your frame. Do not worry about causing damage, the toothpaste won’t harm the frame or the wall, and it comes off easily. Now, place your frame close to the wall on the spot where you want it to be, and use a level to make sure its straight.When you have the frame leveled and exactly where you want it, lightly press the back of the frame against the wall where it will hang, and then slowly remove it. Hold the frame steady, as you don’t want to shift and smear toothpaste everywhere. If you do it right, the toothpaste will precisely mark where you need to put the holes for your frame. Punch the holes you need, clean off the toothpaste, and you’re all set.

Fred is all about making home repairs and projects as easy as they can be, and we hope that you find these hacks useful in your future hanging endeavors. Sometimes there are things we want to hang that require a little more than toothpaste; they require a professional. If you have any questions or need to get a professional involved, you can always schedule Fred, the first name in home repair.