In our industry, we run into several problems that may have multiplied from one source. Although, as a Fred specialist, I am happy to fix any of the problems that may arise, I want to warn clients about potential pitfalls that can cause major expenses in the future. One of those items is staying up-to-date with exterior maintenance.

Having the exterior of your home caulked and painted regularly can save you a lot of money down the road. A lot of the clients I see that have rotten trim work or even interior water damage on their home say, “how did this happen?” Most of the time it occurs due to the inconsistent maintenance of paint and caulk on the home’s exterior. Even the smallest joint separation can cause water to leak into the interior of the home. Also, over time paint wears down and can begin to flake, leaving your expensive woodwork exposed to the elements. Once that woodwork begins to rot, it often needs to be replaced and can be very costly in the end. A professional painter usually includes re-caulking as part of any exterior paint job.

Before painting, the exterior surfaces should be cleaned. This will remove any mildew, moss, and old loose paint from the surfaces that are to be painted. This can be done by using a pressure washer. Most quality pressure washers have a valve that allows the user to adjust the water pressure coming from the nozzle. This feature is great for use on different types of materials, from soft wood to steel. When using the pressure washer, a cleaning solution such as Simple Green, is also recommended to break down the grime on the surfaces. Be sure to allow time for the washed surfaces to completely dry before applying paint.

Another good maintenance project to tackle during the painting is to have the gutters cleaned and if needed, the joints resealed. If the downspouts of the gutter are clogged, water will overflow. A lot of times the water will run down the fascia, or the wood behind the gutter. This will speed up the deterioration of the wood, making the paint fail and wood rot quicker.

Having these items performed regularly can save the hassle and expense of replacing the exterior surfaces later on.

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