As summer quickly approaches and temperatures start to rise, unfortunately, so do energy bills. One way to help cut your energy costs is to sun-proof your roof.

Protect Your Roof from Sun Damage

Protecting your roof is essential to saving your home from improper ventilation and high cooling costs. Improper heat ventilation traps unwanted air in your attic and can result in black algae accumulating and absorbing heat, allowing too much heat to fall on the shingles.

In addition, prolonged time under the sun can cause a roof to blister and crack, causing your home other damages, such as leaking. There are many ways, however, that Fred can help keep your roof performing its best.

Choose the Right Roofing Material

If you are looking to re-roof your home, consider choosing a more energy efficient material to begin cutting costs right away. Tiles and metal roofs, for example, help to reflect the sun’s harmful rays and decrease heat trapped in your home.  You can even apply an additional reflective coating to maximize the reflective quality. With so many “cool roofing” options, there is a material for every style of home.

Stay on Top of Repairs

There are other things you can do to ensure your roof is sun-proofed. Keeping the material clean of pesky algae, re-sealing, and staying on top of repairs are your best defense against a high energy bill.  If you’re looking to prevent heat from being trapped in your attic, install a roof vent, or even go solar for an added energy efficient boost!

If your roof is in need of some sun protection, talk to our Fred consultants about installing a new material or making a repair today.