Shut the Door on Cold Weather

front door

With weather this cold, it is essential that your front door closes perfectly. Even the smallest flaws can let warm interior air escape. Save yourself money on your heating bill by ensuring that your front door fits flawlessly in its frame. Our Fred team has exceptional building and repair skills, and we want to make sure you can shut the door on cold weather.
Preventing …

5 Simple Home Upgrades for the New Year

New Year Home Upgrades

The New Year is almost upon us! Is your house ready for the big event? Now is a great time to invest in a few simple home upgrades, with help from Fred. These updates are quick and relatively non-intrusive – and can revitalize your house just in time for 2014.

Spruce Up a Tired Kitchen.Chances are you’ll be logging quite a few hours …

5 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Contractor

Contractor Checklist

If you own a house, you know that the need for occasional home repairs comes with the territory. Things wear out, or break, or simply need updating. But you might also be a little terrified about finding someone to do the work properly. After all, who hasn’t heard horror stories about home repair jobs gone very, very wrong (shady contractor, shoddy work, shameless overcharging)? How …