You Might Love a Good Thunderstorm, But Your House Doesn’t

House Roof

Unless you’re lucky enough to be spending your summer at the beach, you’ve noticed all the rain the area has been getting lately. D.C.’s legendary thunderstorms bring blessed relief in the form of cooler temperatures and deep soakings for thirsty lawns and flowerbeds baked hard by the sun.
The bad news is that for all the good water does for your landscaping, it’s just as …

Metal vs Wood Shelf Closet Organizers?


I’m looking to install closet organizers in my closet. It’s not a walk-in. Do you suggest metal or wood shelving to hold up the longest? 
When measuring, how wide should the shelving go? If I decide to go with wood, I may make the shelving myself.
When it comes to supportive shelving in the closet, wood is usually the better choice of material for durability …

Can New Tile be Placed Over Existing Tile?

Laying New Tile

I am thinking of replacing existing tile on my bathroom floor. So I would like to know if new tile can be placed over the existing tile? If so could the new tile be placed over the existing tile if it is not on a concrete floor?
Existing tiles should be removed before installing new tiles on the floor. It is possible to install new …