Every day I visit people’s homes. I see over 200 homes a year. My visits typically consist of addressing various issues in my clients homes. The most damaging of those issues is water damage.

Water, if not directed or mitigated properly can be insidious. Insidious is a description one of my client’s used to describe the nature of the damage the water created. It took many different paths to find its way out of the walls and into his living space to show itself. The path was able to form because paint was not being applied to exterior trim on a regular basis. Water peeled the paint, rotted the wood and created a path to the wall framing. Once there, the water saturated the fiberglass insulation, soaked the drywall and rotted the interior trim and wood flooring. He surely thought this water was insidious.


Preventing this kind of catastrophic damage starts with inspecting the home for needed maintenance and upkeep. It starts with inexpensive (when compared to structural damage costs), simple tasks. These tasks are caulking small gaps, painting exterior trim, sealing holes and making sure water is flushed away from the house.


Just one call to the FRED Division can help solve your problems! We can set up a free consultation to help with these routine inspections and create a simple game plan to mitigate this type of damage.

A lot of people call us out to see their homes after the damage is done. Another cohort in the damage to a home is mildew and fungus that grows inside and out when in the presence of water. To control mold, one must control moisture. Homes that are simply too humid, may also have mildew and fungus problems.

Controlling the insidious water, vapor and moisture is key to a healthy home. Think about your health and your family’s well-being. Take steps to prevent the preventable and give us a call to help you with your home. We will develop a comfortable game plan to assist you with your home. We can do it all or we can do it in phases. Let us know how we can help.