Spring Maintenance Checklist

Spring Checklist

Spring is here! Is your home ready? Our Fred consultants compiled a list of the most important spring cleaning and maintenance tasks to ensure that your house can weather the new season. Go through our comprehensive list below and see how many items you can complete by the end of the month!

Make sure your warranty has not expired
Look for cracks in …

Protect Your Home from Bugs


As spring begins, the biggest threats to the interior of your home are unwanted pests and insects. There are surefire ways to get rid of bugs once they arrive, but it would probably be best to prevent these uninvited guests from coming in altogether. We’ve outlined four tips and tricks to keep those pesky critters out of your home.
Spring Cleaning
If clutter is taking …

How to Make Your Old House Look Like New

Upgrades for Your Old Home

With the change in season comes the realization that your old house is not in the shape it used to be. The abundance of sun seems to shine light on all of its imperfections. Here are five easy fixes that will make your home feel and look like new again.

Refresh Your Space With a Paint Job
Never underestimate paint’s ability to bring …