The Importance of Home Maintenance

Steve Magill

When Metro decided to upgrade their tracks in various phases, there were major disruptions in the Metro DC area. They did not take care of system maintenance in a timely, scheduled manner. Ultimately, this led to a decision to do all of the upgrades in a very short time period due to the dangers the lack of upkeep caused.
As homeowners, we need to walk our home, make a list of needed maintenance …

Preparing for a Remodel

Brian Knip team member

Every remodel comes with a lot of preparation. Not only on the part of the contractor, but for the clients as well. A lot of headaches can be alleviated if both parties take the time to plan ahead and know what to expect. I’ll explain how we can work together to make remodel preparation a streamlined and stress free process.
Personal items fill all of …

How to Prevent Water Damage

Steve Magill

Every day I visit people’s homes. I see over 200 homes a year. My visits typically consist of addressing various issues in my clients homes. The most damaging of those issues is water damage.
Water, if not directed or mitigated properly can be insidious. Insidious is a description one of my client’s used to describe the nature of the damage the water created. It took many different …