FRED Tackles Universal Design: Discreet Details that Allow You to Stay In Place

Universal Design

Universal design benefits people of all ages, preventing injuries for both the young and old. The misconception that universal design is only for the elderly, turning your home into an all-around day care center, is fading, as more people realize its stylish opportunities and discreet capabilities. Modernize your home with universal design, and the only thing that visitors will notice is just how beautiful your …

Top Painting Trends with Fred

Painting Trends

Spring is finally in full swing as the cherry blossoms here in D.C. are about to reach peak bloom. Looking around at all the bright colors, it’s no surprise that this season is a favorite for many. With all of this is mind, you may have noticed that your home doesn’t inspire as much as it used too when compared to the outside. Maybe it …

Top 8 Tools that Every Handyman Needs

Handyman Tools

If you are new to the handyman world, you may be wondering where to start. The amount of tools available can be overwhelming, and to a newcomer’s eye, a lot of them look the same. While all handyman tools have a particular purpose, there are some that you’ll find to be more useful than others.

Claw Hammer
A simple tool with a flat …