Hacks for Hanging Pictures

Hanging Pictures

Decorating your apartment or house is an essential part in creating a home. You want to surround yourself with things that you love, whether it’s your family, friends, memories or prized possessions. One of the best ways to do this is by hanging pictures, which can be a tad more frustrating than it seems.
With the growing popularity of gallery walls, we want to make …

HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Spring


As the temperature outside becomes moderate, many people turn off their HVACs (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) and open their windows to enjoy the fresh air. This is the best time of year to do any major HVAC maintenance since you will have a brief period before you will need to use it. Summer will bring extreme heat and humidity, and your unit should be …

Dangers of Hiring Unlicensed Electricians

Unlicensed Electrician

Sometimes things are just too good to be true, like an electrician offering services at half the normal rate. How can they work for so little when others cannot? It’s more than likely that he or she lacks the required permit or general liability and workers compensation insurance.  In other words, he or she is an unlicensed electrician.
An unlicensed electrician is a serious risk …